Well after helping over 30+ Clients over the last twenty years we've learned patience, diligence, research and execution is key. With over 20 years of Windows systems support, specialized hardware support, point of sale and enterprise support and implementation we have a unique experienced-based approach structured around a managed project.

Call me to get down, dirty and done. We specialize in the will power to get it working your project working as soon as possible with a great project plan where  we plan for EVERYTHING and disaster. We are not afraid to ask the tough questions. If it pertains websites, workstations, laptops, servers, networking or security we are have the experience to tackle your problem/project/idea/concept. 

We work with clients one at a time to focus our support to get you working again and juggle being a one man full time Systems Administrator in the Healthcare Industry and your project engineer. So while we are based in secure,
scale-able solutions, we have a solid base in current solutions and approaches to old solutions. 

Take a moment to drop me a line :)